Re: ATTN JMS: Your goal for CRUSADE

 Posted on 12/30/1997 by to

>You've been fortunate to accomplish everything you set out to do with
>BABYLON 5. So, what's your goal for CRUSADE? Aside from continuing the
>year-to-year improvement? If the BABYLON 5 story is about the need for
>community and the need to look toward the horizon, what is the CRUSADE
>story about?

What I want to do with Crusade is take the tools we learned to use in B5 and
apply them in a different (and in some ways, more ambitious) manner. It'll
have an arc, now that we've shown that it works, but not as rigorous an
arc...less overtly political but more thematic. Also, after 5 years of
angst-driven storytelling, I'd like to see if I can use the same tools to do
something a little more fun. I've lived in the dark side of the B5 universe
for a long time, and while there's plenty of darkness still out there, I kinda
want to go and do something a bit more adventurous...and which explores all the
places in the B5 universe that we've heard about, but never seen.


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