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 Posted on 12/27/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Tom Knudsen <> asks:
> Can I assume that this was a different Patrick Stewart?
> Was the Joe Straczynski - Master of the Universe header an inside
> joke (considering your He-Man stint), or just a strange
> coincidence?

Yeah, that's a coincidence, they either didn't know about that
prior stint, or it just didn't occur to them.

I find I'm alternately pleased and chagrined by the attention.
When I saw that part of it, I kind of cringed, but what they tell me is
that this is the sort of thing that's useful to promoting the show in
general. The firsts represented by B5 mainly come from the
storytelling aspects of it, and that it's really one vision in an
intense sort of way not really done much before. So that's something
they can pin their promotion on. It comes out of their real respect
for what we've done here.

It's very weird to look around one day and discover, by doing
what you've been doing in fair anonymity for as long as you can
remember, that suddenly you're a celebrity, even a minor-league one.
You're talking to a guy here who couldn't get a date in high school,
for cryin' out loud....