Re: ATTN JMS: Are you going to do this again??

 Posted on 10/31/1997 by to

> I was wondering, *if* Crusade becomes a reality....
> Are you really going to subject yourself to this Usenet thing
>again? Not only is it tough on you as far as the hours you keep, but
>this isn't exactly joyride either.

Not as much, no.

I promised I'd stay online in a major way as long as the show was being
broadcast to continue the online experiment...but once that's done, I've
already decided that I have to pull back and not be as substantive a presence
as I've been until now.

I won't get off altogether -- I'm an onliner and have been since 1985 and I'm
too old and cranky to start making major changes to my lifestyle now -- but
some of the destructiveness of some of the stalkers out there has taken a real
toll on me over the years. So I'll still be *around*, here and there, but not
as constant or major a way as present.