Posted on 10/31/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Deonaha M. Conlin <> asks:
> Just how much of it has been altered or edited to satisfy the
> sensibilities or agendas of a given time? How will Watergate look
> in 2072? How did WWII *really* look?
> And again - how much of what we read in the news has been altered
> or spun by the authors, their papers or networks, etc.? Di Conlin,
> Wielder of the Lesser Salmon of Discipline, TUS (AKA Tigger)
> Great Maker, huh?

The interesting thing about revisionism is, as you say, that so
much of it goes on already. John Copeland over lunch the other day was
outraged over a situation where new Japanese textbooks are being
introduced indicating that the rape of Nanking never happened, and that
the bombing of Pearl Harbor was in retaliation for Hiroshima.

I'm constantly amazed....