Posted on 10/31/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Pam Jernigan <> asks:
> 2262 (ISN NightSide): Was it just my imagination, or did the
> Paris speechwriter seem an awful lot like James Carville? Wonder
> why Delenn lives so long, considering that Minbari live to 120,
> tops, and humans live less than that? 2762 (propaganda holograms):
> My, we humans don't improve with age, do we? he doesn't know his
> own history, does he? I noticed the little roman numerals that
> kept appearing in the lower left hand corner of the screen - I'm
> guessing they referred to cameras? Part of the automatic tracking
> system that Brother Alwin mentioned? More clues here, too: "the
> blessed Sheridan, who lived and died and lived again and who was
> taken bodily into heaven"? "Marcus the Purehearted," anyone?
> I wonder if the Rangers are all recruited on Earth, or if a lot
> of them come from the old colonies? So, humans are now energy
> beings, with encounter suits? PJ ^^^^

Good comments. One note:

"The credits were interesting. Claudia Christian has been almost
completely excised from them, which, considering that Jason Carter
still has a credit, seems kinda petty."

WB called us after we'd done the credits for that episode, about
5 days before the uplink, after realizing that if her credits were in
that episode, AND in "Sleeping in Light" which appears in S5, that it
could very possibly trigger another salary payment, which is
substantial. So we could credit her in one or the other, and since she
wasn't in DoFS, it's S5, that was the one to take out. Since Jason
wasn't in "Sleeping," it was okay to leave him in.

It was a WB mandate from business affairs, nothing more.