to nitpick or not

 Posted on 10/30/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Roseann <> asks:
> Why should I tell you how to do yours?


I think a lot of the nitpicking comes out of people feeling they
*have* to express an opinion about something. It's something you learn
as a writer; if somebody goes into a bookstore and buys a book, they
bring it home, read it, and if they like it, they like it; if they
don't, they don't, and that's really kind of it, just the broad
strokes. If you write a book and give it to a friend, the friend will
feel s/he has to go through it and give you critical responses..."I
just didn't buy it when John bought the vanila ice cream cone on page
47, a guy like that would buy chocolate."

Once the creation of the show is over, I think that it'll fall
back into the general reaction category.