Re: Sleeping in Light ( *Spoilers* )

 Posted on 10/2/1997 by to

The other thing in all this to remember is that once I learned the source of
material for the spoilers' page (the synopses that WB is required to provide
to TV stations), I made it a point ot have WB route the synopses to me for
editing. While I can't force too much stuff out of them or they become
useless to the purpose mandated by the FCC...stations have to be responsible
for, and informed about, what they broadcast...I *can* and do omit certain
little details whenever I can.


Because the spoilers page pisses me off...because no matter what's in them, I
get grief over them...and anybody who reads these things (altered or
otherwise) and assumes they know the full story and goes off because of it
deserves whatever they get.

The synopses are not for general distribution outside the TV stations; if other
people are getting them, they're breaking the rules and ruining the dramatic
impact of episodes by letting the shape of the episodes get out before
broadcsat, and as far as I'm concerned, that entitles me to fuck with them.