CC Situation

 Posted on 10/1/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

{original post had no questions}

"We have an alleged meeting which she says she was booted and you say
never happened."

John...let me try this again.

The weekend this supposed meeting took place Claudia was in
Blackpool, in the UK, in front of 3,500 fans who can verify she was
there, and not in the US, let alone at a meeting with WB. It's not "me
vs. her" on this... there are 3,500 people who saw her that weekend,
8,000 miles from the WB offices.

This has nothing to do with who do you listen to, it's just
looking at the logistics and the realities that have nothing to do with
any personalities whatsoever.

Unless she is capable of transubstantiation and nobody told me,
there WAS no meeting.