Whatever Happened to B5?

 Posted on 9/27/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

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"Because I believe first in foremost in the right of everyone's
opinions to be considered equally. That *is* my opinion."

I disagree. It is the right of everyone's *informed* opinion.
If someone were to come in here saying that all (pick an ethnic group)
were slovenly, lazy and genetically inferior to (pick an ethnic group),
I suggest that you would object, because it's bigotry and not an
informed opinion.

The B5 forum has its share of strafers...people who buzz in,
drop an inflammatory message, and zoom back out again, letting the
bombs crash and the arguments that follow...and have no interest in any
kind of discussion. Often they never even come back, as was the case
with the person who said the show was boring. I notice that none of
the replies to his messages had the (X) that says it was received by

So the quote above is untrue on the face of it. Also, it does
sound as if you're saying it's good to be negative, but to be negative
*about* the negative statement, that needs to be fought back
uncritically, regardless of the validity of the original statement.
The result is that you sign a blank check on your conscience and