Claudia Opts Out-JMS

 Posted on 7/27/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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"reminds me very much of what I was told by someone with good reason
to know about the loss of Michael O'Hare from the show i.e. that the
people in charge of the purse-strings basically made the decision."

See, here's what kills me about all this.

When the Michael situation took place, I came out very openly
and I said, "No, this was my decision, working with Michael," and very
few held *me* accountable, they tried to blame, I came out
openly and said I tried everything I could to keep Claudia on the show,
and that her eventual departure was not my decision, it was hers, and
I'm being given the rap for it. I didn't get it when I *did* make the
decision (with Michael), and I'm getting it now when I *didn't* make
the decision.

Some days it's enough to make me lose my hair.