Posted on 4/1/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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Wearing a beard and glasses is not grounds for any kind of suit,
or I would be in court forever.

I've been warning people for some time now, particularly those
who abuse the copyright, that WB is cracking down. Over two dozen
*judgements* have been rendered in cases pursued by WB against pirates
and hackers and others who've imperiled the copyright to B5. If this
windows "help" file is what I think it is, it's filled with images and
material owned by WB, and is being mass distributed. Whether for free
or profit isn't the issue, it's the repackaging of material. The
"bearded/glasses" thing sounds like smoke to me because the person got

On the one hand, we've gotten WB to be fairly relaxed about web
sites and fan stuff, as long as the proper copyright info is
appended...but at the same time, they're cracking down on those who are
abusing the situation and unquestionably infringing on WB's copyright.
(Note to dealers and con organizers: they've been seriously going after
counterfeiters and pirates, and some cons have had to pay the price for
not properly policing their dealer's rooms for counterfeit
merchandise.) In most cases that I know of, the person is given a
warning first...then hit when and if they choose to get stupid and
ignore the warning. I don't know the situation with this one, but I
would guess it's the same.

WB owns B5, and WB has an obligation to protect it from falling
into public domain, which *will happen* unless it vigorously goes after
parties who infringe on that copyright. There is no corporation on the
planet that acts otherwise.