Re: ATTN:JMS re:holding back final 4 eps till fall

 Posted on 3/31/1997 by to


The WB MO has always been to hold some eps until the following season.
The only thing that has happened here is that the post production
schedule has been moved up to allow a bigger block of new episodes in a
continuous string. Sine the ratings for B5 always grow through a period
of new eps, imagine what will happen this time!

Geez, folks, you always blast us during reruns- why is it that giving a
bunch of new eps in a bunch is a trigger for much worry and speculation?

There has been NO official or unofficial decision on S-5 at this time.
This occurance is independent of that decision. That is not to say that
there hasn't been discussions...........

George Johnsen
CoProducer (and meeting boy), B5