Re: JMS' Top 10 Pet Peeves (Humor) (fwd)

 Posted on 3/31/1997 by to

Speaking of the Lucas thing in your list (reasonably funny, btw)....

When I was in Orlando for Megacon, on Sunday, I didn't want to spend the
whole time in the hotel, so I went out and had a perfectly awful night
(it's too awful for details)...and I got back around 10 p.m., figured I'd
go for a late dinner to the Sizzler's next door to the hotel.

Went in, wearing my B5 jacket, and as the guy shows me to my seat, he
says, "I know you...yessir, I know who you are."

I mumbled something at him, the usual bit about being recognized, and he
continued. "You're here for the convention, aren't you?" So I allowed as
how I was....

"I knew it, I knew it," he said. "You're one of them Trekkies."

The only thing that kept me from killing him was that I didn't know the
penalty for murder in Florida.