Caste, Clan, Family?

 Posted on 3/3/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Brent Barrett <> asks:
> So I take it, from earlier comments of yours that Delenn chose
> her caste as a child (I believe you said it was due to her
> "vision" in the temple), that you are not born into your clan? In
> other words, If Delenn had chosen to be a worker, she would not
> be in the clan she is currently in, correct? If that's the case,
> then clans aren't necessarily organizations of relatives, right?
> Was her clan the "Mir" clan? Or was "Mir" her family name?
> Is that different than the clan?
> Is this correct?

Yes, Mir is her family; you are generally born into a caste
unless you at some point decide that the calling of your heart is
elsewhere, at which point you enter training for that other caste (with
the permission of your caste leaders) until such time as it's finalized
that that's what you want, at which time you're assigned to a clan
within that caste. If you choose to stay in the caste you're born
into, you automatically are in your familiy's clan.