Re: ATTN JMS: Are *you* happy with S4 perceived "rush"?

 Posted on 3/1/1997 by to

Truth: I go back and forth. The "Into the Fire" thing, for
would've likely been a two-part episode, but it still would've ended up
exactly where it ended up. A few more big explosions, but I wonder also
if that really adds anything past a certain point.

>From a production standpoing, since "Fire" darn near killed us in the CGI
department, it's probably a darned good thing it DIDN'T go for 2 eps.
That puppy had something around 120 or 140 EFX shots.

Overall, I'm actually quite happy with how this season is going, in terms
of the intensity of the arc and the emotions and incidents. Parts
would've been a bit more laid-back if I had decided not to cover my bets
on renewal, and maybe the situation has worked out to the best (again the
ABA principle, Art By Accident).

So I dunno...all I know is what's in the episodes this season, and it's
pretty cool overall....