Re: ATTN JMS: Design of Novels' Covers

 Posted on 2/28/1997 by to

"What are the chances of the publisher choosing a new graphical theme
for the novel covers? The previous covers mistakenly placed the books in a
class unworthy of the subject: main character (B5 station), flanked by
several alien and beautiful woman/heroic captain caricatures, adorned by
dime store typography -- elements straight from Book Graphics 010. "

I've been screaming about the covers from day one...and finally just put
my foot down. "But it helps give us continuity," they say. "Sure," says
I, "cover 1 is a crappy cover, so let's make a whole LOT of crappy covers
that are all crappy in the same way so we can make 'em consistent."

Jeanne's book is more or less of that mold; the second uses a similar
philosophy but is better rendered; and the third book coming up has
probably the best cover to date, showing the Minbari temple and some great
sketches of Sinclair, Sakai and Cole.