Scotty Fired

 Posted on 2/1/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet, but since it's been in
the trades I thought people might want to know...apparently Paramount
was unhappy with Jimmy Doohan doing a part on Homeboys from Outer Space
(I think that's the title) that had a scottish accent and a mustache
and was kind of a parody of Scotty...and they pressured the production
company to terminate his contract. And now he's off the show.

It's hard enough for actors to find work on the best of days.
But this sort of thing is just appalling. If there are fans of Jimmy
Doohan's work who are less than thrilled with this heavy-handed
treatment (which has many folks in the Industry out here annoyed as
well; Bill Mumy was nearly speechless when he heard it) and who want to
note this with the studio, you're certainly free to do so.