Catherine Sakai

 Posted on 1/30/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Jonathan Kass <> asks:
> any that are out that you might recommend especially?

Basically, my opinion on the novels is that they've been wildly
uneven. Some were pretty good, some just fell down, for me. A large
part of the problem was that we went through the notion of taking
proposals for books, and 9 times out of 10 the writer wanted to tell
the story about his guest characters, and the main characters took a
back seat. I protested and yelled, and finally decided that the only
way out was to pull novels out of my notes, and out of the series

So novel 1 of the next batch is about Anna, Morden and the
Icarus; in my view it's the best of the line published so far, I worked
very hard with the author to keep it in line with the series; the
second novel is set on Centauri Prime, from a short premise from me,
during the time when G'Kar is kept prisoner in Cartagia's cells, and
again our characters are in the center, though I think it isn't as
strong as the first one in this batch of three; the third novel, which
I haven't yet read in manuscript form, again from an assigned premise,
follows Sinclair and Sakai to Minbar and the creation of the Rangers.

With any luck, this batch will be very strong.