Re: YO JMS Dilbert & Geo. Washington

 Posted on 1/29/1997 by to

"I've never actually seen the comic strip myself, but, gosh, I'd think
Patrick McGoohan (sorry for the spelling) or one of the other actors or
personalities (like yourself) we fans would like to see guest star or
cameo on the program would be more appropriate?"

We're still after McGoohan, but again that will depend entirely on the
role. I'm toying with one now that we'll send along and see what happens.
The Adams thing is a quick cameo...for McGoohan you want to do something

"Another question: I was thumbing through some SF magazine or other when I
spotted you posing with an award (sorry, I can't remember which one).
you weren't smiling. All the photos I've seen of you you never smile. Come
Joe - smile for the birdy!! Once in a while? Sometimes I think you've got
wooden teeth or something."

I hate cameras. I'm mind-bogglingly unphotographic.