Re: BABYLON 5 To Include Gay/B

 Posted on 2/1/1994 by to

I have not *made* a big issue out of this, and do not intend to do
so. In addition, when a certain characteristic is revealed in someone,
it won't be in the center of a story or made into a treatise because at
the time of our story it *isn't* an issue anymore, any more than being
left or right handed. No one frankly cares. And it will not be given
any more weight than that. It will be treated fairly off-handedly.

A note to those who have taken up this issue to popularize it: there
is a Monty Python sketch called "The Value of Not Being Seen." Those
who've seen it will get the reference. To the rest...until something is
done in a show, particularly something along these lines, it's best to
keep a fairly subdued profile, because if people start getting hincky
about something before we've shown how something is actually going to be
handled -- with taste, discretion and subtlty -- it might cause some folks
to bring pressure *not* to do it.

Let's all do one thing at a time...and let me do this according to
the schedule that's set out for this. Don't jump the gun.