Re: B5:TLT update from jms

 Posted on 10/4/2006 by to

Joseph DeMartino wrote:
> Christoph Erichsen wrote:
> > will the Audio edit be made in DD5.1 Sourround? I was a bit dissapointed
> > when B5:LR was only DD2.0 Stereo.
> IANJMS, but I'll take a stab at this one:
> B5:LR was mixed in matrixed stereo because that is all that analog TV
> channels like Sci-Fi in the US can transmit. Only digital channels,
> typically those transmitting in HD, use Dolby Digital. Given that
> B5:LR was the least successful of the TV movies Warner Home Video
> probably didn't think it worth the expense to remix it for the DVD
> release.

Negative; we delivered a 5.1 mix on Rangers to WB. What they did with
it is anybody's guess.