Re: EEP!

 Posted on 12/8/2003 by to

Since this discussion has turned into a tech discussion (and my first computer
was a Kaypro II), I have a question for the computer savvy amongst us:

I just purchased a new monitor (the other one committed suicide), and it has
both a regular analog plug and a digital plub. Now, the analog is working
fine...and I've plugged in the digital plug to the correct part of the monitor,
and I *think* I've plugged the other end into the right part of the computer.
But I'm not absolutely 100% sure (insert laughter here).

Now, the computer settings allows me to now change it to digital...but my
question is this: if I change it to digital, and for whatever reason this thing
*ain't* hooked up do I change it back again if I can't see the
monitor because it's going into a non-effective cable?

(Yes, I have windows XP.)


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