Re: jms at san diego comic con

 Posted on 7/15/2003 by to

>What's your general policy with autograph sessions? Are there certain items
>you prefer to sign, or prefer not to sign? Will you sign two or three
>items, or just one? And will you personalize autographs?

In the past, I've always had a simple policy: put it in front of me and I'll
sign it. But the problem lately has been, as I've gotten more known in comics,
the dealers have been taking advantage of this. They'll show up with stacks of
20-30 at a time, I'll sign them, then they'll get in line again, and I'll sign
a hundred or so, which they just go out and re-sell at marked up prices.

So this year I may cut it back to maybe ten per, or somewhere around there.
Because it's not fair to make the honest fan with two things to have signed
wait behind a guy who doesn't care either way to get his 30 or 60 copies



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