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 Posted on 9/25/2001 by to

>Would it be safe to say that you feel that your writing is better when
>by others" rather than by yourself?

In this case, yeah, because in truth I didn't find the words, the words found
me. I don't quite know where they came from. It's something that used to
happen on B5 from time to's like this door inside my head, and the
wider it opens, the truer the words. And the door opened all the way on this
one. It literally just tumbled out and onto the page. No revisions, no second
thoughts, just...there. When this sort of thing happens it's as if it has
nothing to do with me, I'm just sorta there when the door opens.

I donated the writing fee from this issue to the NY Fireman's emergency fund,
and suggested that all profits from this issue also be donated (this in
addition to the huge amount that Marvel is already donating to the various
funds trying to help those in need.) So if you pick up this issue, know that
the money is going to the right places.


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