Re: ATTN JMS: Something important

 Posted on 9/25/2001 by to

>Any idea what issue it will be in? I'd like to pre-order it, from somewhere
>(I have no idea where, right now, because I haven't collected comics for a
>long time.).

It will be issue 36. The whole thing is one lengthy meditation on the tragedy.

35 has been ready for some time, I think it just got caught up in the whole WTC

As for the comics in general I'm doing, there was a hiccup of some time on the
Joe's Comics line due to the massive amount of work involved in launching
Jeremiah. Some days I'm literally on the set and in the office for 24 hours in
a row. Once the series is up and running, and we're into a natural flow of
things, this will change. I was only about 4 days late in delivering the
script for ASM 35 even with all that, so I think keeping it going on schedule
won't be that much of a problem.


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