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>Times right now are about as senseless as have ever been seen in our
>lifetimes or our parents' lifetimes. People are scared - scared of
>war, scared of the economy collapsing, of losing their way of life.
>More than any other time than we've seen, people in this country need
>hope, and I believe that this is the time for artists - composers,
>painters, poets, novelists, singers and actors, and yes, film
>television creators as well, etc. - to step up to the plate and give
>that to them. This is an opportunity to make a difference and shine
>light where it is needed. I'm not talking jingoistic, blind
>patriotism; I'm simply talking about lifting people's spirits in a
>time of need. Does this make any sense?

Here's where we discover that I have a black transmutational aura that turns
whatever weird shit is around me into something substantial.

Ever since the events surrounding the WTC, I have said little because, as noted
in response to another note, I simply didn't have the words and didn't know
where to look for them. And consequently declined invitations to make a
statement, on the further grounds that I'm not qualified.

Here's where life just nails you.

I got an email from Marvel, who felt that in at least one of their books they
needed to really address the issue of what happened at the WTC. Their feeling
was that the one character best suited to this was Spider-Man because after
all, he's a native New Yorker.

So they asked me to write it. Unsure if I had the wherewithal necessary to
pull it off without embarrassing myself or trivializing the situation through
any inadequacies on my part, I asked for 24 hours to think it over. Figured
I'd probably pass, since I just didn't know how I could handle it in a comic
book format.

Somewhere along the way that night, I found the words...and 24 hours after my
email, I sent in the script.

I think it says what needs to be said.


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