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 Posted on 9/18/1999 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Bob Ingria <> asks:
> What is it with SFX regarding B5/Crusade?
> Was there any specific event that triggered this?

"What is it with SFX regarding B5/Crusade? I've noticed that, aside
from rare lapses into good taste, they seem to adopt a hostile, or at
best, cool tone towards you/the show. Was there any specific event
that triggered this? It was quite noticeable and rather puzzling."

As noted in my prior message, it's specifically because we
phantom zoned them because many of their articles were, quite simply,
unfair and sometimes cheap shots masquerading as objectivity. I don't
mind if somebody does or doesn't like a show or an episode, I got no
beef with that...but some of what was being done by them was wrong, I
felt...and finally, they were cut off from all PR material for Crusade.
At which point they went balls out to attack the show, or myself, at
any given opportunity; it's got nothing to do with journalism and
everything to do with being pissed-off jumped-up fanboys.

By contrast, Dreamwatch has often had both good and bad things
to say about the show, but always one gets a sense that they're being
fair about it, and that their criticisms are well considered and as a
result are often hard to argue with. As opposed to SFX, which takes
cheap ad hominum shots at anyone who even writes in to dare and say
they like B5 or Crusade. You can tell that it's personal with
them...and the moment it becomes personal, you can kiss goodbye even
the pretension to journalistic integrity.

When the situation came out about some B5 cast members not being
paid for their appearances at VorCon, Dreamwatch went out and
independently verified the situation. SFX, because it's close with
some of the people involved with VorCon, did not. This is typical of
their bias. And that bias and that open negativity is, I think, why
their circulation is reportedly shrinking while the circulation of some
of the other magazines, notably Dreamwatch, is increasing, especially
here in the States.