Sci Fi Channel Poll

 Posted on 9/16/1999 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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"I read in SFX August 99 the only response I've heard from TNT. They
claimed they were promised, and though they were buying, a high paced
action series, and got something a lot slower. So that's why they
cancelled it."

You've seen the final five (the first five produced, and the
show the way we wanted to make it) YOU think it was a slow
program? That it wasn't high-paced action? If not, then one begins to
wonder at the honesty of the statement.

Though anything in SFX regarding B5 or TNT is going to be
specious at best. When they exceeded the snark-limit, early when
Crusade was still in production, with endless cheap personal shots and
the like, we phantom zoned them, meaning they were cut off from press
kits, photos, and interviews... after which they would take any
possible opportunity to go after me or my shows.