Posted on 12/7/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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Interestingly enough...I saw what they were doing for
commercials initially, and it wasn't really what I had in mind, it was
the same basic actino stuff WB did that didn't get the right audience.
So I wrote up a commercial and had our editors put it together. I sent
it to TNT and said this is kinda what I had in mind. I also showed it
at a couple of conventions as an example of what I thought the promos
should be like.

To TNT's credit, they decided that our approach was better, and
went in that direction. This is really quite extraordinary, as most
corporations get very entrenched and it's their way or no way, but TNT
wants to do right by this show, they believe that we know the show well
enough to know how to promote it, and make it, and they've given us
tremendous leeway and support.