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Just a head's up for folks in the Toronto area...I'll be appearing at
the Toronto National Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Center the
weekend of August 26th-28th, doing panels, signing stuff...generally
making trouble. Also appearing at the con are such folks as Margot
Kidder, Frank Quitely, Carlos Pacheco, Mark Bagley, Neal Adams, James
Marsters, Elijah Wood, Marina Sirtis and a truckload of other actors,
writers, artists and the like.

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Re: jms in toronto

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> I'm looking forward to it Joe! I was meaning to post to ask about
> autographs and stuff since this is your first appearance here in
> Toronto. I recall reading that you don't put a limit on the # of items
> signed? That said, do you have a personal preference that once
> somebody has so many items you still do it be think that they are being
> a bit extreme?

My only real problem is with the dealers who sometimes come through
with 50 or more books at a time. If there's a long line behind them,
I'll sign half and then have them come through a second time.

> Re: the panels, do you have a schedule yet for those? The last 5 years
> I've been attending and they never seem to post that info in advance on
> the website so it's hard to plan.

I haven't seen a schedule yet.