Re: ATTN JMS: Foundation Imaging Collapse - Sinking into the sand?

 Posted on 9/11/1996 by to

The post put up in public forums was a private email, and since I didn't
keep a copy of it, I can't verify if every word is as I wrote it or not.
There's a lot I can't say on this publicly at this point, though I hope to
be able to do so soon. Business stuff that has to get ironed out first.

What I will say about the CGI for season 4 is just this...that the
equipment being used is equal to, or better than the equipment at
Foundation; the animators are largely those who have worked on B5 in the
past, who were let go some time ago when Foundation downsized, with a few
outside additions, just as Foundation would add to its ranks from outside;
and there should be *zero* difference onscreen to what has been the case
on B5, except that it will continue to improve over what we've done in the

As usual every season, we start out with lighter CGI episodes, and build
to big stuff as we go. That will be the same this season as last. Our
first really big CGI episode last season was "Messages," which was around
episode #8, then "Severed," episode #10. This season we'll hit with big
stuff around episode #6, which will likely be as big as "Severed." Rather
than push stuff back, we've been able to move CGI stuff forward and expand
on scenes.

Basically, the bottom line is that whatever we've done on the show has
been with one and only one goal: we thought we could make it better by
doing X. Invariably, when people hear what's up, the inititial reaction
is to panic...until they actually SEE what we're doing...and then it
becomes clear. This is no different.