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 Posted on 8/25/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

SysOp Dupa T Parrot <> asks:
> Is the area affiliation (Earth Force, PsiCorp, etc.) going to do
> more than affect the graphical gizmos on the BabCom window?

We'll do more with the affiliations later on once more parts of
the station go on line. For instance, we'll have various chat areas
set aside. If you're Earthforce, you can get into Earharts...if you're
a Centauri, you can't, but you'll have another area you can get into.
When you get your quarters set up on B5 (you'll be able to actually
rent a residence on the station), if you're a Narn it'll be in the
alien sector, if you're Psi Corps it'll probably be Red
Sector...basically, we'll try, as much as possible, to replicate what
it would be like to actually live there. Eventually we hope to
introduce avatars in the chat area so you can appear visually in the
room as the species of your choice...with the thought that, in time,
people will be able to upload images of themselves and use those in the
chat area with the's going to grow into something very