Re: ATTN JMS: Question about maybe new show

 Posted on 8/1/1996 by to

The sequel would be a syndicated show. We'll see....

Meanwhile, something I probably should mention since it showed up in the
trades the other associates, Doug Netter and John Copeland are
directly involved in a new series which is just about set to go into
pre-production, called "Battleground Earth." The series is based on a
series bible and script written by Gene Roddenberry in the early 70s.
Majel Barrett Roddenberry is also directly involved with the show.

I've been more or less sworn to silence until the news broke in the
Hollywood Reporter. I first found out about this shortly after Majel did
our show, at which time she was very impressed with how we do things here,
and decided she wanted to work with us. David Kirschner, primarily known
as a film producer, is also involved with the series.

They initially asked me to write the new 2-hour pilot script, since a) the
original is considerably out of date, given when it was first written, and
b) there was a general concensus that a Roddenberry/Straczynski
collaboration would be infinitely promotable. The job was basically mine
for the asking, but after giving it a great deal of thought, I declined,
even though the money was good and the show would get a lot of promotion.
I have a moral obligation to B5, and that has to come first, I can't have
any outside distractions. So instead I've recommended a very good SF TV
writer who's worked on a number of network shows lately (no, don't ask, I
won't tell you, and it's probably not who you'd think anyway, and it'd be
inappropriate for me to say in any event until a deal is signed). I think
it'll be a good match-up of talents. Beyond that, I have no involvement
with the series, and it'd also be inappropriate for me to talk any more
about the content or nature of the show; that will have to come from those
directly involved.

(BTW, for those who get the Sci-Fi Channel, B5 producer John Copeland will
be on their new show VORTEX, along with Majel, this Friday.)