The Future of SF-TV

 Posted on 4/21/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Jonathan Hoopingarn <> asks:
> Have you heard of any other producers/writers/directors currently
> developing projects that should give us hope for the genre in the
> future?

I's hard to say. After the first ST series, the ball
was dropped and *nobody* picked it up again really for almost 25 years.
After we're gone, it's hard to say if anybody'll do so. We've gone out
of our way to bring in other producers and folks, show them how we do
the show, in the hope that they'll then be able to do the same and
create more in the future. Whether or not that happens is hard to say.

Because it's not just the techniques involved. B5 is only on
the air because I and a couple of others stood there and fought tooth
and nail for five years to get it on the air. There has to be a
certain tenacity involved.

On the other hand, Hypernauts is already using the B5 production
model for their show, and Space Cases has adopted the five-year arc
notion, so maybe the future is already here.