Re:Apologies are in order...

 Posted on 3/15/1996 by Jms at B5 to AOL

This season is an unintended aberration re: writers; I hope to use others
next season.

As for your story...apology not accepted because it is unnecessary. As it
happens, I remember your comments, and yes, at the time, they were hurtful.
But they came from honest criticisms of the show, rather than any particular
agenda, and I never have a problem with honest, fair criticism. Hell, I had
my own problems with the pilot, which I was determined to fix in the series.

What you did that counts is that you were sufficiently open-minded and fair
to give the show a chance when it hit series, and you found that the promises
were true. And now have said as much. What more can anyone ask of one?