The Future of B5

 Posted on 3/7/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

William H. DiPaola <> asks:
> (I wonder if you see where I'm going with this.) Now, being that
> B5 is set to be a 5 year arc, the completion of which will take
> place in year 5, how might we expect to see things taking place
> so far off into the future where the show's setting is concerned?
> Do you plan near the end of the arc to jump the current time line
> ahead twenty or thirty years so that we will get to see what
> happens, or will we be left dangling somehow by events that will
> not unfold?

Well, the odds of a spinoff are few and far between to start
with, so it's probably a moot point. To the other question....

See, this is a puzzlement to me. If I answer your question
about when and how we'll see Londo's future, that ruins the show. This
is the puzzling part...I often get notes saying, "When are we going to
see this happen?" Well, if I were to say, "Okay, you're going to see
G'Kar lose his eye in episode 7 of year 4," then it *completely
eliminates* any surprise, any tension, any shock value to it. I might
as well just not make the episode at that point.

So I have an answer to your question. And we will deal with
this point. But to simply blow it out there would be to destroy the
impact of anything we might have in mind.

It's conventions, actors get asked "how do you
create this character," when the characters were created by me, and I
get asked to reveal coming plot points that I *can't* reveal without
kicking the props out from under the show. I can talk in general
terms, but anything detailed has to go by the boards.