One of the problems we had with...

 Posted on 1/7/1996 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

One of the problems we had with the Hugo last year was that whereas only
a couple of TNG episodes were good enough to get nominated, eight B5 episodes
made it to the final cut. Because folks went for their favorite episodes, and
they had a number that year. The result was that the choices got split so
much that TNG won, since it had fewer good or great episodes that season.
("All Good Things" won with, I think, 57 votes; the top two B5 episodes on the
list had 32 and 27 votes between them, enough right there to have won if
combined. That was for "Signs and Portents" and "Chrysalis," with "And the
Sky Full of Stars" at 21, "Babylon Squared" at 19, "Believers" at 10, "Mind
War" at 9, "Voice in the Wilderness" at 8, and "Soul Hunter" at 6.)

So basically, we lost because we had too many solid episodes to choose

As a result, a lot of folks this year have been campaigning to have
participants go for "The Coming of Shadows," which is the highest rated
episode in all the informal polls on-line and elsewhere from that time period.
It's the one nearly everybody seems to agree upon.