Yes, in "Ceremonies" Harlan is the...

 Posted on 1/6/1996 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Yes, in "Ceremonies" Harlan is the voice of the computer used.

No, have never been on NPR's Fresh Air. Nobody's asked.

Well, reactions have been coming in on the two parter, and so far
everyone's wog-boggled. Peter Jurasik called to say he didn't know what I'm
smoking these days, but to please send ten pounds of it to his house at
*once*. Mumy went nuts over it, everyone's very excited...including and
especially Michael O'Hare, who got his copy of the script today, read it
straight through, and is *extremely* excited by the story, and what happens
with his character, and is VERY much looking forward to the shoot.

BTW, today Walter Koenig and Bill Mumy had a scene together; this (saith
Bill) marks the first time a Lost in Space regular and a Star Trek regular
have acted together in the same scene.