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 Posted on 12/5/1995 by Jms at B5 to AOL

{about the bogus "JMS is being paid to be on AOL" message}

Yeah, I suppose it can be reposted. May stop some of this. I hear
people are saying, "Hey, it's okay if he makes money being on AOL," defending
it, when it isn't true to *begin* with. If I were doing so, if AOL thought a
B5 presence were important enough to pay for it, heck, I'd be taking out ads
in the Times. But as far as AOL is concerned, I'm just one more subscriber,
and I pay my way same as everybody else.

I just hope somebody's called the little twit on the fact that he went
around calling others liars, then went out and posted his message about my
alleged "contract with AOL" as though it were an absolute fact, even referred
to a clause *within* that contract...and clearly, obviously, flatly lied
about the existence of a document that isn't there. It's a *deliberate* isn't a speculation, wasn't phrased in the form of a question, he
deliberately went out and posted an out and out *verifiable lie* to the
entire usenet, knowing it was a lie.

Never ceases to amaze me....