Re: READ comic 5

 Posted on 4/14/1995 by to

About the new paper and price...I did the first issue, and while the
pencils were quite good, and the inks okay, when they put the coloring in
the paper just absorbed the hell out of it and it looked like crap, from
my POV. (And I'm not speaking out of school; I said much the same to DC.)
Parts were nice, but other parts...yikes. I felt, strongly, that we
needed a better quality of paper, otherwise a lot of the good work that
was being done was going to be lost. It would cost more, but finally DC
-- which, to be fair, has only been VASTLY supportive of B5, and the comic
and their only intention is to make it as good as possible -- decided to
go with the better quality paper. The main question was whether or not
there was enough of a reader base to warrant it; there was, and they did.

I've overall been quite happy with how the book is being handled.