Coming of Shadows *SPOILERS*

 Posted on 2/6/1995 by to

Your feelings about the war starting are exactly what they should be,
and what I wanted to achieve with "Shadows." In SF TV, very often, as
you state, it's "Yeah, let's get a war on! Blow stuff up!" But to hear
of a *real*'s very, very sobering. When we hear that Gulf troops
were being sent into the Mideast, when we heard of soviet troops sent into
Prague...your heart stops for a moment. When Kennedy put American ships in
a Cuban blockade and the world held its breath...THAT is what it feels like
to step into possible or real war. All you can think of is, "How the HELL
did we get into this, and how the hell do we get OUT of it?" And that was
at the emotional core of "Shadows."