The Geometry of Shadows (SPOIL

 Posted on 11/22/1994 by to

"Somehow the idea that her first assignment as Commander is
successful only because of Garibaldi's competence and on a piece of blind
luck is perhaps just a bit sexist."

There were *substantial* differences made between the first draft
and the final, based on the fact that a lot of the physical stuff I'd
written for Claudia -- getting herself out of the problem she was in with
the Drazi -- had to be dumped because the actress had a broken foot. So
that aspect has to be remembered. We pushed her to the limits, and I
didn't want to push further.

I don't feel Sheridan was downplaying her promotion; he was sneaking
it up on her to surprise her, making it more of an unexpected delight.

Re: the techno-mages being the "alien of the week"...they're humans.