We do our own cut on film, and deliver...

 Posted on 11/19/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

We do our own cut on film, and deliver to Modern Video. MV then handles
the closed captioning (about which the less said the better), and readies the
film for uplink, puts in the national spots, leaving room for local
commercials, that sort of thing. All of our pieces are also stored there in
case there's any kind of glitch.

Sheridan wasn't talking to himself, but rather to the tech who just
seconds before asked if they should let the techno-mages go. (I'd trimmed the
first part of his speech which made this a little clearer, figuring it'd be
evident who he was talking to. What can I say...sometimes you get the bear,
sometimes the bear gets you.)

And yeah, purple/green sashes make pretty easy costuming....