ATTN: JMS...Opening music

 Posted on 11/12/1994 by to

No, we're not going to change the music. The season one music was
right *for that season*. The events in year two are different; the music
reflects where this season is going. The complaints mainly come because
it isn't the same. It isn't *meant* to be the same. It's not an inferior
version of year one, it's a different cue, meant to evoke different
emotions. They say it isn't evoking the same feelings in them as the
first year. Good. That's the intent. It will be changed EVERY season to
correspond with the general sensibility of that season. (And while you
note some who think it's lighter and airy, most others I've heard from say
they think it's darker and more ominous. It's all subjective.)

The only constant in the B5 universe is change.

I've written novels as well as TV. Often, in my published novels, I
include classical quotes at various points as chapter openings. I pick my
quotes to correspond with that section of the book. Should I use the same
quote over and over instead?

I am absolutely thrilled with the music as it is, and it's staying.


(And btw, I remember getting LOTS of complaints on the nets about the
first season music, how nobody liked it, how they couldn't hum it, it was
not symphonic enough, on and on and on. Now everybody likes the old one
and some don't like the new one. Next year, folks'll be lamenting the
loss of the second year theme. Lots of folks complained about Sinclair.
We took him off the chessboard. Now a number of folks are complaining that
he's gone. What does all this mean? It means you can't do a show by
committee, whether that committee is a studio, a network, or a netgroup.
The alternative is chaos and lowest-common-denominator programming.)