(He coughs and speaks in his Executive...

 Posted on 11/8/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

(He coughs and speaks in his Executive Producer Voice:) "I *LIKE* the
opening title sequence."

Now...onto other matters.

We re-mixed the narration and music today in the titles, and it's a LOT
better. I slightly shifted the placement of some of the lines, and Bruce's
rendition is very nice. Really carries the weight. Look for it to appear
starting in episode #4.

Also, yesterday I turned in script #11, "All Alone in the Night," which
now marks the half-way point through season two. Just eleven more scripts to

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Message 576 Fri Nov 11, 1994
STRACZYNSKI [Joe] at 04:16 EST

This is something we've discussed with Christopher, and as long as we're
messing with the main title, he's going to slightly adjust his music cue so
that, rather than kind of a sustained note after the big B5 logo
(monologue/gallery transition), it'll be cleaner and bigger going in. This,
btw, is kind of emblematic of what we do in the show; we are constantly
looking for ways, big and small, to improve things; often we never mention
them. We continue to improve the sets as we work; after we finish shooting an
episode in a set, we'll sometimes go in and refine it a bit more. I wasn't
very happy with some of the screen displays in the observation dome, so they
were changed last week, and will probably show up starting around episode 8 or
9. We made a very tiny modification in one CGI shot in the main title that
probably nobody will notice, but it's better. And cleaned up another shot in
the title sequence.

The only real aberration here is that generally, we do this fairly
quietly, over a long time. Because this time it's in the main title, it's a
bit harder to do it discreetly. No detail is too small to be noticed and