Re: Points of Departure -- SPO

 Posted on 11/3/1994 by to

Next week, in "Revelations," you get G'Kar, Londo, Delenn, Lennier,
Na'Toth, Kosh, Garibaldi, Talia and everybody else. Because there was SO
much happening in #1, that got slid back a bit; also, there's a fair
amount of time required for everything to do what they're supposed to be
doing. (Note that we're operating pretty much in real-time; "Points" is
around 8 days after the events of "Chrysalis," and "Revelations" is about
another week after that.)

One thing I noted here some time ago, as a large part of the reason
I dropped "to be continued" from "Chrysalis" is that this is more of a
three-parter than a two, and some threads pulled in "Chrysalis" won't be
fully resolved in some ways until the third and fourth episodes. There is
a LOT going on, and if we try to cram it all into one episode (as I at
first tried with "Chrysalis, Part Two") you don't give ANY of them the
proper time to have any impact.

Finally, we're getting new people sampling the first episode of the
season, as is true of most shows. Thus, you have to put into dialogue a
fair amount of stuff that otherwise you could just imply or rely on past
experience/prior knowledge. So you kind of introduce the newbies to the
situation, and that requires a fair amount of exposition. This is pretty
much localized to "Points," however; with the next episode, we're up to
full speed. Episode 2 deals with as many issues/plotlines as "Chrysalis,"
with the main difference being that here, they're *resolved* rather than
left hanging.