Hey, folks said the answers were...

 Posted on 10/30/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Hey, folks said the answers were coming too slowly, now too quickly...
what's a producer to do?

I said, from the very beginning, that once the series got rolling, no
single primary question could be allowed to go more than about one season
before answering it, otherwise you get into a frustrating Twin Peaks situation
where *nothing* is resolved. Basically, the events begun in "Chrysalis" bleed
over into three episodes; the Battle of the Line answers were initially only a
couple of episodes further down in my outline, about episode #3. Making the
change, for one thing, allowed me to move that storyline forward to episode
#1, blow through it and get the story moving in year two faster, rather than
delaying further with loose threads from season one.