Every so often, a screwup takes...

 Posted on 10/25/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Every so often, a screwup takes place that is so breathtakingly stupid
that it defies all logic and reason. I just learned of one this evening, and
I'm still reeling a bit from it. Consequently, this is address to anyone who
watched the satellite uplink of "Chrysalis" or has seen it in the US in the
last day or so.

Once we deliver an episode, it goes to two places: Modern Video and CVC.
CVC checks an episode of any series prior to uplink to make sure it's okay.
Though they've had it for four months, they only got around to checking it the
day before uplink. During this, they found a couple of small audio pops. The
kind of thing that could be fixed in about five minutes. But since it was the
evening, Modern Video decided to fix it for us...by *rebuilding the entire

Without calling us, notifying us, or checking with us, when we could've
easily had someone on-hand there to supervise at a moment's notice.

Well, when they rebuilt the episode...they didn't use all the correct
footage. Some of what was used was RAW FOOTAGE. Example: when Londo goes to
meet someone in the Garden, there's supposed to be a great composite shot
there of the interior of the Garden area, and a hedge maze. (The UK saw this
version of it last month.) But when the episode was rebuilt, they used the
raw footage segment showing Londo and a partial hedge IN THE SOUNDSTAGE, where
you can see the stage wall, and the pipes, and the EXIT sign. No composite.

We don't yet know what else has been included incorrectly, because we
won't see a copy until morning. Suffice to say that this is being taken care
of *our* way overnight, and a correct version will be sent out via satellite
in time for the Wednesday first airings in most markets, and the reruns in
those markets where it's already aired.

At this moment, I am preternaturally calm about all this, having passed
beyond anger earlier this evening into a kind of zen state of consciousness,
utterly unable to wrap my brain around the absolute stupidity of something
like this for more than two minutes at a time.

By morning, this will have worn off.

I'm looking forward to it immensely.