For starters, just as an FYI, I...

 Posted on 9/6/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

For starters, just as an FYI, I don't provide the actors with print-ups
of anything here. Often folks mail them to the actors, and then they come to

Second, there is a difference between negativity and constructive
criticism. Anyone who has ever taken a class in creative writing learns the
difference right off. Don't just say, "It sucks!" Say why you don't like it,
what you think can be done to improve it, what elements do or don't work.
What hurts actors (or anyone, let's be honest) is after you have worked 12
hour days to do something, people are out there saying, "Kill 'em! Shove 'em
out an airlock! They suck!" These are things you would never say to
someone's face. And sometimes posters forget that they're talking about
*people* here.

Yes, Cindy, your comments *did* get to some of the actors you have
suggested be shoved out an airlock. And they *did* hurt them. And if that
bothers you, it should. You shouldn't post anything that you wouldn't feel
comfortable if that person saw it...because sooner or later, that person WILL
see it. Why do you think I was hammering at you so hard to stop coming up
with inventive ways to kill Laurel Takashima?

If you don't like someone's style of acting, there is nothing -- NOTHING -
- wrong with saying so, and saying so as forcefully as you feel is
appropriate. I would only ask that you remember that these people are
probably going to see it eventually, and that you find ways to be both
specific and constructive. "I think X's performance in the role just isn't up
to the standard we expect; he doesn't move smoothly, he delivers his lines as
though they were prepared rather than working them through and letting us see
that; she leads with her lips more than thinking about the lines."

In a way, it's better to say *more*, and be specific, than just to say,
"Ah, she stinks! She's terrible! Kill her!"

As for the vasectomy...not much of a story to tell. Had it while I was
still in college. Always knew I didn't want kids, mainly because I am
convinced that I would not be a good father. Besides, there are already
enough toys in here....