JMS: Liars and Flames

 Posted on 8/25/1994 by to

Thanks; I'm not sure sometimes if this is a good skill or not. Not
only had I been up about 30 hours, but because of the way my GEnie news
reader/mailbox is set up, I can only reply *on-line*, I can't go off,
compose off-line, then upload all has to be written on the fly.

(Maybe it comes from being a Jersey street kid, basically; we used to
hang out on street corners, ranking each other for *hours*, each one
according to the rules having to build upon the one preceding, until they
got amazingly elaborate. Or maybe I'm just a pain in the ass.)

That said, I try very hard *not* to do that. I don't think it's a
good thing in the long run. I see a *lot* of abusive posts, and most of
them I let slide simply because it seems the wiser path. But every once
in a while, somebody'll poke the bear, and it'll be late, and they'll be
completely out of line...and something snaps and next thing I know I'm
110 lines deep into something and my monitor is imploding.

As for *why* I was up 30 hours straight...Claudia Christian broke
her foot over the weekend. Broke it in *three places*, no less, while
running in her back yard. She had a lot of action in the next couple of
scripts, and was in the midst of filming an episode currently. So the
scripts had to be revised to work around this, and as stated, we were
shooting one, and about to shoot another, and it *all* had to be done in
zero time. By me. Basically, we're talking about rewriting two full
scripts in a couple of days, after which I was half blind and staggering.

So I was just a bit cranky that night....